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Time packs

Accompany your adaptation in real time

Time packs are packages designed to support and adapt in real time to the continuous change of your business. These are units of time to distribute when and how you want through our offer of service, training and advice.

The continues need to adapt

Because the internal and external environments of a structure change at a high speed, they must constantly transform to re-invent themselves to better adapt and to differentiate from others. The need for new studies, ideas, knowledges and methods are therefore permanent and indispensable to any continuous innovation process. Focused on the operational and commercial development of their projects, this type of work requires time that professionals can only very rarely afford.

Our goal is to support your daily intellectual needs in the evolution of your company project in terms of studies, reflections, and innovation so that your services, products, and modes of operation are always adapted.

For this, we have articulated our service offer around the 3 essential themes for any continuous change: adaptation & innovation, knowledge & methodologies and Art.

Agence Iro - Research innovation

Service offer

Recherche, adaptation & innovation

Outsource the direction of innovation

  • Observation & analyze
  • Research & concept studies
  • Service design
  • UX / UI Research & Design
  • Educational engineering
  • Process and workflow automatization et digitalization
  • Change management and Digital transformation
  • Development strategy
  • Competitive and technological watch
  • Design of specifications
  • Event Design
Agence Iro - research knowledge

Service offer

Research, knowledge and methodology

To enrich oneself

  • Tailor made lectures, classes and workshops
  • Tailor made studies & research
  • Tailor made feedbacks
  • Educational discussion
Agence Iro - research & art

Service offer

Research and art

Approfondir votre esthétique

  • Branding
  • Artistic Council
  • Communication strategy
  • Graphic design
  • Audiovisual productions
Time packs - 5h
Time packs - 10h
Time packs - 25h
Time packs - 50h

The forgotten

Les indépendants et les petites structures (TPE et associations) n’ont souvent que peu de ressources à consacrer à des démarches d’innovations chronophages. D’un côté, avoir un département d’innovation interne demande des ressources humaines et financières importantes et de l’autre coté, la majorité des studios de design spécialisés qui pourraient les aider s’alignent sur des marchés de PME/ETI. 

Nous avons conçu et adapté notre offre d’innovation à ces personnes physiques et morales «oubliées» et qui ont, eux aussi, besoin de cette innovation continue, avec des prix adaptés.

How to be as transdisciplinary?

Process O - logo

The O process

Thinking to adapt

The O process is the result of our research in neuroscience. Like the human, our methodology focuses on the primary function of the brain: real-time adaptation to complex environments.

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