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The O programs

Develop your intelligence


Centered on the neurosciences, from the conference to the workshop, the O programs are adapted and customized training formats.

Agence Iro - conference


Designed as pedagogical discussions, our lectures focus on the popularization of neuroscience as well as their application to our personal and professional lives.

45 min – 1h30

Agence Iro - Cours


Longer, our classes are the ideal format to go further in theory and to link it with practical exercises. They help to reinforce the understanding and manipulation of the concepts introduced.


Agence Iro - Workshop


Les ateliers sont nos formats les plus complets. Ils fournissent le temps nécessaire à l’approfondissement et la compréhension de la théorie, de l’exploration pratique de certains concept et surtout de les appliquer à vos problématiques.

1 journée

Agence Iro - Tailor made

Tailor made pedagogy

Our subjects are designed and tailor made with you so that they are perfectly adapted to your needs. Here is a sample of some product topics for our customers.

Agence Iro - Intelligence

Brain, intelligence and adaptation


Our basic lecture. With a duration of 1h30, it provides an overview of the main functions of our brain and their integration in our process O.

Agence Iro - Learning

Brain, innovation and learning


This conference highlights the interrelationships between innovation and learning. Knowing how to understand is the door of ideas. We can not innovate without better learn.

Agence Iro - decision making

Brain and decision making


Better know the mechanisms of decision making to better master them and control them.

Cartographie O - logo

Thinking with the O cartography


How to use The O cartography to accompany any project management?

Agence Iro - Graphic Design

Brain, graphics and communication


What is communication? what strategy? Which means? What better approach?

agence Iro - Public Speech

Brain, improvisation and public speaking


How to deal with the unexpected? Knowing how to improvise is the key to real-time adaptation especially when you’re in front of an audience.

Agence Iro - dance

Brain, dance and collaboration


The brain is a machine designed to interact in real time with an environment. Every perception and every action goes through our body. Knowing how to read it and master it is the basis of all collaborative work.

More about the O cartography ?

More about the O process ?

Cartographie O - logo

The O cartography

Architect your thoughts

The O cartography is our form of mind mapping. Multi-dimensional, it has been designed to offer the perfect tool to accompany the conduct of any type of project.


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The O process

Thinking to adapt

The O process is the result of our research in neuroscience. Like the human, our methodology focuses on the primary function of the brain: real-time adaptation to complex environments.


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