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The O process

Thinking to adapt

An original philosophy and method that integrates all the functions and steps necessary to adapt individual and collective intelligences to new environments.

Here is a sample of the functions we implemented in the process O

  • Observation
  • Communication
  • Decision making
  • Strategy
  • Innovation
  • Self-teaching
  • Management
  • research
  • knowledge engineering
  • and more...

Like any organ, the brain has a specific role to play in keeping the human alive. It would provide the coordination needed for real-time adaptation with complex and unpredictable environments. Based on this principle, adaptation would, therefore, be the top function of Homo sapiens sapiens. This is also the case for organizations. The challenge for companies today is no longer innovation but the ability to adapt to it, and quickly.

During evolution, developing this function has required , refinement of the concept of intelligence already present in animals. We will define it here by the ability of an individual to understand in real time the mechanics of an environment in order to imagine and create adapted solutions. Contrary to prejudices, it is not acquired, but innate. It would even respond to a series of standardized rules and functions produced by our biology. It is the quest for this global “software” that has animated 10 years of observations, intuitions, researches, explorations, and experimentations and that will surely animate the next 20 years.

The O process is the result of this research. Designed as a true method of research, work, and analysis, it integrates all the necessary functions for an individual or a collective adaptation to environments: learning, innovation, imagination, strategy, decision making, observation, and experimentation.

Our philosophy and methodology are a synthesis of the functioning of the human mind and have been designed to respond to its purpose: it can adapt to any field or expertise. From communication to management through training and design, the O process allows us to have the needed global and transversal vision of our behavior to be able to design the right solutions at the right time.

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7 steps to understand and optimize individual and collective brains.

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The O programs

Develop your intelligence

Between science, philosophy, and practice, the O programs are a series of tailor-made conferences, courses, and workshops for the development of adaptative functions, may it be individual or collective.

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La cartographie O

Architect your thoughts

The O cartography is our form of mind mapping. Multi-dimensional, it has been designed to offer the perfect tool to accompany the conduct of any type of project.

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