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The O cartography

Architect your thoughts

A transversal tool to accompany any research and project management.

Inspired by neuroscience and the associative and combinatorial functioning of the brain, The O cartography is our form of mind mapping. We imagined it to provide individuals with a common framework of exchange, reflection, representation, and visualization of thoughts, ideas, knowledge and logic.

Whether in ideation or operational phases, it is a transversal support tool for project development and collective intelligence.

Although it can be used independently, this tool has been designed to offer the transversality necessary for the control of the O process. They work in perfect symbiosis.

Here is a sample of the different dimensions we’ve built in our mapping style.

Agence Iro - Idée et innovation
Créativité & innovation

To architect, visualize, stimulate and cross ideas.

Agence Iro - Memoire

To store thoughts and knowledge around a subject.

Agence Iro - pédagogie

To better understand and share our logic behind our ideas, knowledge or vision.

Agence Iro - Collaboration

To stimulate and facilitate the sharing and transfer of information, ideas, and knowledge.

Agence Iro - Développement personnel
Développement personnel et professionel

To better analyze, self-criticize and identify his way of thinking.

Agence Iro - Stratégie

To prioritize and plan processes and scenarios across time and space.

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The O programs

Develop your intelligence

Between science, philosophy, and training, the O programs are a series of custom-made conferences, courses and workshops for the development of adaptative functions, individual or collective.

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The O process

Thinking to adapt

The O process is the result of our research in neuroscience. Like the human, our methodology focuses on the primary function of the brain: real-time adaptation to complex environments.

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