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Consulting and training studio in applied neuroscience

Inspired by neuroscience, we have developed the O process and the O cartography, the philosophical, methodological and practical heart of the iro agency. They animate our Time Packs, our consulting offer, and allow us to provide you with the expertise and transversality necessary for your issues of change and innovation. The O programs, our training offer, will allow you to raise awareness and train you to the theoretical and practical principles behind our method and tools.

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Time Packs

Accompany your adaptation in real time.

Our consulting offers. Time packs are packages designed to support and adapt in real time to the continuous change of your business. These are units of time to distribute when and how you want through our offer of service, training and consulting.

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The O programs

Develop your intelligence

Our training offer. Between science, philosophy and training, the O programs are a series of custom-made conferences, courses and workshops for the development of adaptative functions, individual or collective.

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The O process

Thinking to adapt

Our method. The O process is the result of our research in neuroscience. Like the human, our methodology focuses on the primary function of the brain: real-time adaptation to complex environments.

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The O Cartography

Architect your thoughts

Our tool. The O cartography is our form of mind mapping. Multi-dimensional, it has been designed to offer the perfect tool to accompany the conduct of any type of project.

Agence Iro - cartographie humaine

Guillaume Dechambenoit

Neuroscience and transversatility

An artist with a master’s degree in cognitive neuroscience, Guillaume has devoted the last 10 years to better understand the human and its behavior. Atypical entrepreneur, he synthesizes his research through the products and services of the Iro agency.

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